ARTSPACE GALLERY would like to express its deep appreciation to Adele Pressman-Gardner and Marlen Grebler, without whose help the gallery would not exist. And thank you to Anne Germanacos for enabling the gallery to continue. 

ARTSPACE is a gallery representing leading contemporary Israeli artists. It is also the home of Linda Stern Zisquit, an American-born poet. Located in Jerusalem’s German Colony, the house-turned-gallery is open to the public two times a week during exhibits, or by appointment. ARTSPACE features exhibitions as well as a permanent display of works by Israeli artists, including Silvia Bar-am, Ruth Kestenbaum Ben-Dov, Hanna Doukhan, Farideh, Michael Kovner, Naftali Rakuzin, and Jordan Wolfson.

In Fall 1994, Zisquit openedARTSPACE with an exhibit of Pamela Levy’s small works; the show was held concurrently with the Tel Aviv Museum’s retrospective of American-born Levy’s larger canvasses. Since that time the gallery has continued with new exhibits every few months. five to seven weeks.

“I never intended to open an art gallery. It happened organically, out of friendship and passion. I write poetry, teach literature, have a large family. But the art in Israel is as complex and compelling as the place it reflects, and Jerusalem, while not an art center like Tel Aviv, has a vibrant and exciting community of artists, a local population interested in its culture, and visitors who want to explore the city beyond its tourist attractions. For all of these reasons I responded to the idea, and am committed to the reality of an active ARTSPACE - and hope to welcome you here soon.” - Linda Zisquit, Director